Quality Initiatives

Optimal Diabetes Treatment- Use of Statin Therapy in People with Diabetes

AgeWell New York is working with our members to help manage their Diabetes. Our Chronic Care Improvement Program (CCIP) was launched to help members reduce their risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Studies show, individuals who have chronic conditions such as Diabetes, are two to four times more likely to develop Heart Disease.

According to guidelines from the American Cardiology Association and the American Heart Association, people with Diabetes can benefit from statin therapy which is a class of medication that can lower blood cholesterol. These medications are drugs that can help
reduce the risk of developing Heart Disease.

As part of our Chronic Care Improvement Program, AgeWell New York monitors claims and pharmacy information to identify members who have Diabetes and could benefit from taking statins to reduce their risk of Heart Disease. Our experienced team of health care professionals including wellness coaches, social workers, and registered nurses, will work hand in hand with our members and their physicians to consider if statin therapy might help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Our goal is keep our member’s Diabetes under control and we want to reinforce the importance of regular screenings, healthy lifestyle habits and provide additional information on the management of Diabetes and its complications.

This is a voluntary program. If you do receive communication from AgeWell New York regarding this program and do not wish to participate in the program or feel that you have been incorrectly identified for participation, please contact our Quality Project Coordinator at (718) 484-5000 Ext. 5249

Managed Long-term Care (MLTC) 

AgeWell New York’s MLTC performance improvement project (PIP) focuses on improving screening and identification of depression in our Medicaid members and to reduce depression symptoms through individualized member education and behavioral health interventions.

AgeWell New York uses the PHQ-9 screening tool, a brief questionnaire, to identify members with depression and to examine the severity of their symptoms. The PHQ-9 can give direction for referral and more comprehensive evaluation to help the plan teach members about depression, self-management strategies, and identify ways of coping with depression.


Quality Improvement Project (QIP)

AgeWell New York is conducting a 3-year Quality Improvement Project (QIP) with focus on depression: “Decreasing Depression Symptoms through Medication Adherence”,

AgeWell New York selected this topic because studies show that depression is the most common chronic mental disorder of all adult consultations seen by the primary care physicians. Major life changes that occur as we get older may trigger feelings of sadness, uneasiness, or anxiety. While depression is a common problem among older adults, it is not a normal part of aging.

Depression is treatable. Sometimes it takes up-to six-months for the antidepressant medication before seeing reduced symptoms.

AgeWell New York collaborates with your doctors making sure that you understand your therapy and helping you to find the interventions that will decrease symptoms of depression.

To know more about our quality improvement initiatives, please contact Member Services at 866-586-8044.